About The Company

Asin Groups Ind. Ltd. formed in 2006 & Asian Group of Industries Pvt Ltd (AGIPL) Formed by 2020 by experienced water treatment technocrats and engineering professionals to apply new technology of Advance Alkaline Ultra Filtration to industrial processing water and waste water purification and pollution control, Water treatment, Drinking Water plant, juice plant, soft drinks plant and packing machines.

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Our Vision

AGIPL were supporting clients for improving their water quality and guiding them for quality assurance of packaged drinking water, Mineral Water & all types of Beverages plant. Initial days were very tough. We were literally struggling for getting the business. Customer were reluctant to buy from us. We literally worked free of cost for many initial clients. Our struggle continued quite a long time. Survival of the business was difficult.

AGIPL undertakes turnkey Renovation, Rectification & upgradation of Water & Waste water treatment Systems to obtain its optimum efficiency.

We multiplied our business to manifold by single customer centric policy i.e.; “ONE HAPPY & SATISFIED CUSTOMER GIVES 10 MORE CUSTOMERS” & OUR COMITMENT IS OUR MAIN SUCCESS” our list of happy customers us growing rapidly and AGIPL is strengthening day by day by spreading the client geographically all over the world.

Our Products